NSSG's Grievance Mechanism

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Last update: 8th of August 2022

The aim of this grievance mechanism is to ensure that all of our employees as well as any third parties cooperating with NSSG (collaborators, partners, providers, civil society) are able to raise any concerns in a smooth and confidential manner.





NSSG believes that the best way of maximizing the potential of individuals is to create a workplace environment where employees are valued and able to perform to their fullest potential.

To ensure employees and all third parties are able to raise any concerns surrounding unethical practice in an anonymous and confidential way, NSSG implemented a Whistle-blower Policy which aims to minimise the potential of any workplace conflicts. Therefore NSSG is fully supportive of employees, contractors or suppliers that has any ethical concerns about the business and wishes to raise concerns or ask questions regarding the performance of their duties.

All new employees are briefed about the whistle-blowing policy on their onboarding training. After is easily accessible our secure content platform and on the hard copies available on different locations.

Further, the policy is also available via the NSSG website for all third parties to access. The employees and contractors are encouraged to raise concerns through their management also, so if a concern relates to their line manager, this can be adress to the direct to HR. Once a complaint has been received investigations are conducted internally and whistle-blowers are kept up to date as their complaint progresses. Disciplinary action may arise from a whistleblowing complaint.

Kindly find the full policy text for your information. 




We, at NSSG, strongly believe in the value of receiving feedback as learning from mistakes builds resilience and maintains you connected to the real world.

Grievances from all parties whether internal, external, individuals or generally are dealt with in accordance with our grievance procedure. Once received, the complaints handler logs the complaint in a database and categorises the complaint (as either employee, customer, subcontractor, external) together with date and as well as full details of the complaint and contact details of the person, if not anonymous. Action to resolve the grievance should begin immediately and not later than 3 working days since receiving it. The complaint is investigated further, and the hole investigation process cannot exceed more than 5 working days. 

 NSSG implements a comprehensive grievance mechanism with the aim to eliminate as much as possible the possibility of any harmful effects, arising out of unresolved grievances. It also aims to ensure that all communication channels are open and receptive and that all employees, (sub)contractors and suppliers have an adequate opportunity to express their grievances. It further aims to ensure that grievances are resolved timeously and fairly by adopting a problem-solving approach and implementing any appropriate corrective action necessary.

Kindly find the full procedure text for your information. 


NSSG has the right to change and update these policies and procedures from time to time. Accordingly, we urge our users to review this page periodically to stay updated with how we constantly improve our grievance mechanism. 


Email: complaints@nssg.global

Landline: +40 21 795 7601

Website: www.nssg.global